About RB Science

RB Science is a research based consulting and publishing organization working in the field of pharmaceutical and biological sciences. The services provided by the organization include but are not limited to:
1. Guidance for Pharmaceutical Research
2. Guidance for Biological Research
3. Manuscript preparation in the field of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences
4. Preparation and editing of Masters and PhD dissertations
We at RB Science are also involved in active research in the field of pharmaceutical and biological sciences, specializing in:
1. Synthetic Chemistry
2. Extraction and isolation of phytoconstituents
3. Drug design
4. Drug delivery
5. Pharmacological screening of molecules (in vitro)
Journal of Pharmacology and Biomedicine is the first publication of RB Science with an aim to provide your quality research reach the audiences with ease and perfection. More such journals other than those in biological sciences will be published soon teaming with the best in the business.